Another DABWAHA Review

One of the best books I read last year, and that’s saying a lot, was His At Night by Sherry Thomas. I’m devastated that it’s up against Courtney Milan’s Trial By Desire in the very first round of DABWAHA, because I would have backed either of them against most other books in the genre.

I reviewed Sherry’s book back in the days of my Vox blog, and it’s one of the many posts that I didn’t copy and move before Vox turned up its toes. Lost, alas, and let this be a warning! But I did review it on Goodreads, and I’m reproducing those thoughts here:
I purely loved this book; as soon as I finished it, I wanted to read it again. It’s an excellent romance, in that the focus is very much about the main characters figuring out how to love each other, but like Sherry’s previous books, the characters are unusual. She describes them as “a man who isn’t as dumb as he looks and a woman who isn’t as sweet as she appears.” Vere is wonderfully complex, and there’s both terrific humor and pathos in his masquerade and how people deal with him. Elissande also has a façade to maintain, a role to play. Finding and revealing their true selves, while maintaining their illusions for the rest of the world, becomes an intricate dance that engrossed me. Thomas is a fine writer, and here she writes with both wit and passion — sometimes simultaneously. There’s even a nod to Judith Ivory in the book, a bit of fun that’s just one more reason to love this incredibly satisfying book.

I will admit that I picked this book to win it all this year, and that’s pretty much been the kiss of death in the tournament in previous years. I like to think of it as doing Courtney a favor, because her book also deserves huge recognition.


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