Catch and Release Day

Catch Me, by Lorelei Brown, is available TODAY from Carina Press. Congratulations, Lorelei, on another sexy romance set in American history.

Catch Me was a terrific vacation read. I read this in one long sitting, in front of a coal fire on a rainy day in Scotland. It was short enough to enjoy in one day, but it was quite a rollercoaster of action and emotion.

The story caught me up right away — a woman bank robber (not an accomplice or girlfriend, but the actual “mastermind”) is unusual, and I enjoyed the intertwined humor and desperation of Maggie’s situation. I liked how much of the story focused around the main characters together, learning about each other, fighting their situationally inappropriate attraction to each other, wrestling with their value and priorities as they learned respect for each other. While there’s a lot of focus on the sexual attraction between the two (and that’s not a complaint!), there’s much more than that going on. I felt at times that Dean had a little too much back story for this length of novel, but otherwise the balance between his point of view and Maggie’s was very enjoyable.

Not all romances manage to erect convincing obstacles to the main characters being together; I’ve read a couple recently where a simple honest conversation about feelings would clear up most of the problems. In this book, that’s not the case; the two characters are committed to courses of action that seemingly cannot be reconciled for most of the story. But neither does the author slip out of that with a contrived or deus ex machina ending — the happy ending comes at a price, which makes it all the more rewarding.

I laughed a lot at this book. The author finds lots of humor in the situation she’s set up. That humor can shift quickly to hot sexual tension, too. And events late in the book (no spoilers) made me cry, which I think was only partly due to connecting with my own personal grief. Definitely a worthwhile reading experience.




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