Blogging Update

I got out of the habit of blogging, and I’m having trouble getting back in the groove. I’m doing some reviews at Goodreads and on, but the backlog of what I’ve read since last doing a recap is pretty overwhelming/intimidating. To get going again, I’m giving myself permission to archive my summer reads and start anew with a post about my September reads. (All my summer reading was digital, so I have a pretty good record on the iPad for a catch-up post someday.)

The other good news is that I am making a strong recovery from wrist surgery. I still have a ways to go to get my right hand back to full capability, but it is improving steadily. The latest milestones are that I can again hold a mass market paperback comfortably for reading and I can wear my partnership rings again.

I’ll be working my way up to trade paper and eventually hardcover again, although I’ve pretty much been converted to digital for most of my reading. I have a few books TBR that I am eager to read, and I have reactivated my request queue at the library. I will be back with monthly reading recaps and some spotlight reviews for books I really want to share, and hopefully we’ll manage some more Mom & Kid features, if the Kid herself can find time to read something that isn’t for school.


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