TBR Challenge Review: Holiday Reading

I have to admit that the holiday spirit has been slow to gather for me this year. No decorating, no baking, minimal shopping or planning. Honestly, the thought of digging out and reading a Christmas-themed romance was almost more than I could handle. Plus it’s finals week at my college, and I am overloaded with student work that has to be graded, with more coming in each day.

Luckily, our very own Superlibrarian, Wendy, came to my rescue on Twitter by suggesting that perhaps I had a Christmas novella tucked away that I could read and review quickly. I checked and found this gem, which I bought last year and never got around to reading.
One Wicked Christmas Amanda McCabe is usually a solid read for me, so I figured decent writing and short length would allow me to finish the book despite my lack of Christmas spirit. As it turned out, the Christmas setting was almost incidental, and I enjoyed reading it.

One Wicked Christmas is a “widow” book, and while Cassie’s not a virgin widow, she’s the next best thing, a widow who has never experienced really GOOD sex. She loved her husband and misses him, but they didn’t have much of a sex life, as he was a bookish intellectual who handled sex rather perfunctorily. I admit that this bugged me; I’m always somewhat annoyed by the stereotype of the intellectual who’s lousy in bed, because it plays very much against my personal experience. The intelligent, studious men that I know are excellent lovers, once they find the right women; they approach sex the way they approach other subjects, eager for information, interested in experiment, unwilling to settle for being mediocre when they could learn to excel. I was initially disappointed that Cassie missed Charlie’s companionship, but she yearned after his best friend Ian, a more conventionally handsome, athletic, womanizing romance hero.

Ian, of course, has loved Cassie for a long time, but he still considers her his best friend’s wife and too “good” for him. That judgment is based on his assumption that Cassie would find sexual advances from his distasteful, which is clearly not the case and takes only 43 pages to clear up.

I enjoyed this story for several reasons. First, McCabe’s writing — she writes dialogue well, and the story pacing and character development are good. Second, the length — the novella is just as long as it needs to be, no longer; I appreciate having the story neither stretched nor scrunched. Also, the characters were engaging and likable. Despite my initial misgivings, I quickly came to like Ian, because he was willing to admit when he was wrong, and he realized that he needed to woo Cassie, not just depend on sexual chemistry to bring them together. Both Ian and Cassie had a healthy appetite for life and were reasonably well-adjusted people, which was refreshing after a long reading stretch of troubled characters with serious problems. I read it in one sitting and was smiling all the way through.

Okay, You Showed Me Yours…

…so I’ll show you mine.

Thanks to Twitter, I actually took advantage this year of the late November/early December ebook sales at Books On Board and eHarlequin. Considering that I make regular use of the one-click buy button for my Kindle, kept stocked by my amazing partner with gift cards, I can safely say that these are not books I needed. Nor are they books I’m like to read soon, since there’s quite queue/backlog already. I totally blame peer pressure, and my peers know who they are.

Others have posted their “lists of shame,” (none of us needed any more books!), and I said I would if they did. And honestly, compared to some others, I look like I have some restraint. Ha!

Back to the Good Fortune, by Vicki Essex
More Than One Night, by Sarah Mayberry
The Other Side of Us, by Sarah Mayberry
Suddenly You, by Sarah Mayberry
St. Piran’s: Prince on the Children’s Ward, by Sarah Morgan
Rio Grande Wedding, by Ruth Wind
Meant To Be Married, by Ruth Wind
Her Ideal Man, by Ruth Wind
In His Eyes, by Emmie Dark
Restraint, by Charlotte Stein
Control, by Charlotte Stein
Nights of Steel, by Nico Rosso
Within Reach, by Sarah Mayberry

I’m posting this later than I intended, since the last couple of weeks of the semester have eaten my life. I’ve already read a couple of these, and so far I have no regrets.