Okay, You Showed Me Yours…

…so I’ll show you mine.

Thanks to Twitter, I actually took advantage this year of the late November/early December ebook sales at Books On Board and eHarlequin. Considering that I make regular use of the one-click buy button for my Kindle, kept stocked by my amazing partner with gift cards, I can safely say that these are not books I needed. Nor are they books I’m like to read soon, since there’s quite queue/backlog already. I totally blame peer pressure, and my peers know who they are.

Others have posted their “lists of shame,” (none of us needed any more books!), and I said I would if they did. And honestly, compared to some others, I look like I have some restraint. Ha!

Back to the Good Fortune, by Vicki Essex
More Than One Night, by Sarah Mayberry
The Other Side of Us, by Sarah Mayberry
Suddenly You, by Sarah Mayberry
St. Piran’s: Prince on the Children’s Ward, by Sarah Morgan
Rio Grande Wedding, by Ruth Wind
Meant To Be Married, by Ruth Wind
Her Ideal Man, by Ruth Wind
In His Eyes, by Emmie Dark
Restraint, by Charlotte Stein
Control, by Charlotte Stein
Nights of Steel, by Nico Rosso
Within Reach, by Sarah Mayberry

I’m posting this later than I intended, since the last couple of weeks of the semester have eaten my life. I’ve already read a couple of these, and so far I have no regrets.


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