TBR Challenge Placeholder

So it’s finals week, and I’m up to my unmentionables in grading, but that’s only part of why I have no review ready. You see, I did find a book, a holiday romance by a favorite author, that I bought as part of a spree and never read. But when I went to read it, I found myself being picky and dissatisfied. I grumbled and made notes about things that bothered me, which rarely happens with this author, and when I read over my notes, a lot of what I was griping about were basic genre conventions. So I decided this was a classic case of, “It’s not you, book, it’s me.” I put the book aside for another time and re-read some Dorothy Sayers instead.

I read Nine Tailors first, because I had it on my Kindle. Then I remembered that it’s been a while since I last checked to see which of her books had been made available digitally, and I was thrilled to find that all of the Lord Peter and Harriet Vane titles have been released. I only have a little time each night to read right now (did I mention finals?), but I’ve finished Strong Poison and am halfway through Have His Carcasse. Ages since I’ve read these, and even though I remember the surprise element in each one, the re-read is still enjoyable. So while not a real review, this is a recommendation — read or re-read what you’re on the mood for, regardless of what you think you’re supposed to read. If you like Sayers, I suggest a re-read. If you aren’t yet a Lord Peter Wimsey fan, I suggest you try a book and see.

On the Same Page: Lightning that Lingers

I’ve heard for years about the amazing writing team of Sharon and Tom Curtis, but their books are out of print and hard to find. [I did borrow a copy of The Windflower, but I haven’t been able to get past the first couple of chapters.] Loveswept reprinted this one as part of their classic line in digital format, and I bought it. I’m sure I’m not the only one, since I think it was sale priced earlier this fall. So leave a comment here, or hit me up on Twitter, if you’re interested — I will set a date to post about it based on when others think they can/will read it.