TBR Challenge: His Kind of Woman

NR_HisKindofWomanI bought this novella when Jayne at Dear Author gave it an enthusiastic B review last year. When it appeared on the DABWAHA list, I decided this was the perfect time to read it. Nona Raines is a new-to-me author, but I enjoyed this book enough that I would read another by her.

His Kind of Woman is a sweet love story, Here’s the official description:

When Roy Girard went looking for Victor Varrano, he never expected a woman to answer the door. He soon discovers that Victor is now Venetia. Roy’s startled, but even more surprised by his attraction to her. As they spend time together, he doesn’t want to let her go. But she’s sure to dump him when she learns his secret.

Venetia’s falling hard and fast for Roy. But when she learns that his brother was the bully who tormented her in high school, she’s shattered. She can’t wrap her head around the fact that the man who made such amazing love to her could so completely betray her trust.

I thought the issue of Venetia being a transwoman was handled really well. She had insecurities about revealing it, since her own family didn’t accept her, and Roy is her first romantic relationship since the completion of her transition, so she has reason to be anxious. Once Roy learns that she’s trans, he has to figure out whether that affects the attraction he feels towards her. It doesn’t; if anything, it makes him even more protective of her. I loved that Roy, having never known someone trans, reacted by going online and learning as much as he could. I think there was enough detail in the story for most readers to understand, without it becoming overwhelming or distracting from the romance. There’s no hint of “freaky” in the sex scenes, either.

Venetia and Roy are the only fully developed characters, since this is a short work, but the secondary characters are a diverse group, and I liked that. That feel more real to me than the usual contemporary romance where every one is cis-gendered and nearly everyone is straight. I also was pleased that Venetia, while not in a relationship at the beginning of the book, had friends, a good job, outside interests — in other words, she had a life and was getting on with it.

I’m really glad I read this, and I recommend it. It’s only available from LooseID, and it’s specially priced at 99 cents right now for DABWAHA.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sónia
    Mar 20, 2014 @ 03:35:07

    I liked the idea of this story. I read quite a few m/m romances but I’ve never read a story with trans gender characters being part of the main couple. It seems this might be a good one to try! Thanks 🙂


    • sonomalass
      Mar 20, 2014 @ 18:35:38

      I hope you do try it, and let me know what you think.


      • Sónia
        Mar 22, 2014 @ 05:28:11

        Well, I went and bought it right after leaving here lol
        It’s really small and I think a bigger story, with more space to follow all the layers in the story, I mean, that could happen more slowly and with more depth, wouldn’t be so bad.
        As for what exists, I liked and I agree it wasn’t freaky anywhere. I appreciated how natural everything happened and of course, how quick one is to judge when isn’t familiar with the subject or doesn’t want to be. It was a good recommendation! 😉

      • sonomalass
        Mar 22, 2014 @ 21:34:58

        Glad you liked it. I agree that a longer story would be great, but I was kind of glad the trans angle wasn’t done to death, either.

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