Book Review Blackout

I was going to publish my week-late TBR Challenge review today — I was traveling last week and couldn’t post. Instead, I’m holding off on that review and all others that I have thought about writing or started writing. Recent events in publishing have made me, like many others, sad and angry about the treatment of and attitudes toward readers and amateur reviewers by most publishers, some so-called journalists, some agents, and too many authors. Not all, not most, but the chorus is too loud for me to continue believing that “badly behaving authors” are really outliers.

I’m not going to stop reading, or talking about books on Twitter and in other discussions online. But I won’t be getting advance copies of books, posting reviews on Amazon, or spotlighting titles here for a while. When I do go back to writing about books, I think I’ll be more interested in writing about books that others have already read and doing more “On the Same Page”-type read-along features.

I have some ARCs that I have read or planned to read of books being released in the next couple of months; I haven’t decided yet what to do about those. Mostly they are books by authors whom I admire and respect, as writers and as people, so I’ll be thinking about how to support them without feeling like I’m shilling for an industry that by and large does not respect me or what I do.

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