September TBR Challenge: Off the Grid

This month’s theme is “no theme.” I picked Radio Silence, by Alyssa Cole, the first novel in her Off the Grid trilogy. I’ve had this book for about a year, but I haven’t been in a post-apocalyptic mood (hits too close to my fears about real life these days). Realizing that the whole trilogy is available, and trusting Carina Press for a happy ending, I risked it. To my delight. I don’t have time or energy these days for in-depth reviews, but I highly recommend this book.

This novel hit so many buttons for me, in a good way. A diverse set of characters, a lot of humor, honest consideration of racial and cultural differences and stereotypes, wonderful romance and good friendships across all sorts of potentially dividing lines. The simple plot device of all the power going out, so no technology and no information, works well to bring characters together for survival and make them think about things that truly matter. But the flip side of the tension is the need for love and laughter — romantic love, but also the love of true friends, of siblings, of parents and children. That shines in this book.

I feel I should warn potential readers that you will want to read the next book to get answers about the big blackout. It’s called Signal Boost, and the central romance is two gay men. I loved it too, and I’ve already downloaded the final book of the trilogy, Mixed Signals. I hope Ms. Cole continues to write futuristic romance; I want more!